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EOS Institute E.C. – Short film

EOS Institute E.C. – Short film

He studied for years with his Russian master Sándor Lengyel, Boris Zolotov, and during his own development he also brought knowledge to Hungary. He held independent seminars, which have grown over the years. Today, thousands of people owe it to Sándor for his personal and business success, his happy family life or his health.

Transfer technology is not a new thing. Man is capable of it by nature. Everyone has extrasense abilities. These abilities and perceptions are developed by Sándor’s practices. Intuitions come to life, so one instinctively moves in the right direction, acts right from the reflex, and this leads him to guaranteed success.

Everywhere in life we ​​come across the basic premise of EOS, the Leader-Follow context. By how qualities are transferred between biological objects in practice. With the help of a leader-tracking system, personal and more complex, common, even global goals can be facilitated and achieved. EOS is one of the schools that prepares humanity not for bondage but for free and responsible creation, creation with human abilities. The technology of transfer is one of the number one educational technologies of our future.

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